WW2 Fighter

4.3 ( 5723 ratings )
Spil Underholdning Arkade
Forfatter: TigerTools.net, Inc.
0.99 USD

Simple. Pick up and play action.

Shoot down enemy planes before they reach your base.

> Apple iOS Universal.
For iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

> Four types of weapons/ammo.
More coming in v2.

> Fly over different high resolution terrains.
More in v2.

> Unlimited waves of enemies.

How to play
Fly your fighter and shoot down enemy planes. Tap to pickup new ammo and dont let the opponents get by. Each wave gets more difficult to clear--the number on the bottom-right of your screen shows you how many youve eliminated. The first wave is cleared after eliminating 5 planes, for the second wave you must take out 10 planes, the third requires 15 and the following waves require 20. See how far you can get! Surprises await when you clear milestone waves.